INTRODUCTION : Mango Fashion is a manufacturing company specialised in the manufacture and export of knitted and woven garments. We cover a very wide range of knitted and woven garments and cater to many countries in the world. High quality garments will be delivered on time at competitive prices.

FABRIC COMPOSITION : Pure Combed Cotton, Organic Cotton, Mercerised Cotton, Blends of Cotton and Polyester, Viscose and Elasthane (Lycra).

FABRIC RANGE :Jersey, Plain/Dropneedle Interlock and Rib, Pique, Waffle, French Terry, Normal/Brushed Fleece, Velour Fleece, Structured and Jacquards.

FACILITY : Mango Fashion is head quartered at Tirupur city, Tamil Nadu State, India. Tirupur is Internationally well known for quality knitwear manufacturing. Tirupur is fondly called as knitwear city of India.

The total manufacturing capacity is about 0.50 million pieces of basic style garments annually or 3,00,000 pieces of Hi-Fashion garments annually. The state of the art manufacturing facilities are capable of taking on the following activities.

1. Knitting, 2. Dyeing, 3. Compacting, 4. Printing, 5. Computerised Embroidery, 6. Garment Stitching, 7. Packing.

PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT : Though production forms a main part of our business, importance is given to development of new fabrics, sourcing of new accessories and trims and development of new styles based on the new development styles given by our Buyers and their stylists/designers. Our factories have separate sampling sections/units whose only work is to develop new styles keeping in view the current fashion and colours as well as the future fashion and colours.


* Motif print in pigment and plastisol dyes.
* Puffing print in Rubberised plastisol.
* Emboss in self fabric and special Emboss Welding in Reflective PVC material by latest heat setting process.
* Photoprint by Transfer stickers fusing.
* Glittering foil prints, All over print by Rotary, Reactive and Discharge Effects, Tie & Dyes, Computer Embroidery and various Appliques.

PRODUCTS HANDLED : The company manufactures all garments both knitted and woven for Men, Women, Children and Infants. The garments include T-Shirts, Polos, Ladies tops, underwear, sleepwear, Boxer Shorts, Shirts, Blouses, Shorts, Skirts, Sleepsuits, Rompers, etc. Fabrics used are Single Jersey, Interlock, Rib, Pique, Fleece, French Terry, Pointelle, Structured, Flatback Ribs, Sheetings of different constructions, Poplins, Twills, Madras Plaids, Stripes including pinstripes, different checks, etc. Also Golf Double Mercerised Jacquard Polo Shirts.

QUALITY : Quality is emphasised both in fabrics and garments. Lab dips approval is given after checking under the light as advised by the respective Buyer. Once the bulk fabric is In-house, all the colours are checked for correct GSM, physical properties, colour matching, colour fastness (as per the standards stipulated by the Buyer), shrinkage and spirality test. The tests are conducted at the labs stipulated by the Buyer (such as SGS, ITS, etc) or at the labs approved by us as reliable. Random checking is done in the cutting room to look for any defects such as physical properties, shade variation, streaks, patches, knitting mistakes, etc. This will minimize the rejection rate at the final stage.

Garments are checked at every stage. First the style samples are approved, then the fit samples are approved. Then the pre-production samples are approved. As soon as the bulk production is started random checking in the line is done. We check the garments before they are pressed and packed. Once the total order is ready in all the colours and sizes and packed the lot is offered for final inspection by us.

Our quality controllers will check the lot according to the AQL standards required by the Buyers and pass/reject the order offered. Thereafter if the inspection has to be done by outside agencies such as SGS, ITS, etc the lot is offered to them for inspection before shipment. We have well experienced quality controllers who have thorough knowledge of garment construction.

ORGANIC COTTON : Presently, traditional cotton agriculture uses twenty-five percent of insecticides and ten percent of the world's pesticides, but represents only three percent of the world's crops. Organic cotton does not use chemical fertilizers, pesticides, or other dangerous chemical agents. No chemicals are applied in the harvesting, cleaning, spinning, knitting, dyeing or printing of organic cotton. This also means that the chemicals used in conventional cotton aren't being released into the air and surface water during farming or processing. There are some useful insects that keep other bugs under control. Crop rotation maintains fertility, and weeds are removed with precision tilling. The cotton becomes ready for picking according to a seasonal rhythm. Organic cotton is grown from the heart as well as the soil by farmers who care about the earth and all of us. We can supply garments made of Organic Cotton from factories which have been approved. The garments can be supplied with Organic Cotton Transaction Certificates.

We can supply garments made of 100% Organic Cotton from our associated manufacturing units which have been approved and certified by GOTS. Also the Social Audits, Environmental Audits and Technical Audits have been conducted by SGS.

Please note that the entire process from raw cotton till the finishing of the garments including knitting, dyeing, printing, etc will be done only in GOTS certified units.

MANAGEMENT : The company is run by Mr V. Sudhir who has more than 20 years of experience in the field of garment production and exports both Woven and Knits. He has extensively travelled to several European and Asian countries including Japan as also the U.S.A. He is in touch with the current trends of fashion as he is a regular visitor to many overseas Fashion and Trade Fairs.

LOCATION : The company is ideally situated in Tirupur in South India which is the main centre for the production of knitted garments and woven garments. Cotton and cotton yarn and fabrics are available here in plenty. Supporting units for Knitting, weaving, dyeing, printing, and embroidery are located here in large numbers.

LOGISTICS : Our logistics team will keep track of your goods, order by order from the time the cargo leaves the Vendors factory. You will be kept advised weekly about the movement of the Cargo and also information on the ships or flight connections on which the cargo is shipped and also their schedules including the expected arrival dates in your Airport/Seaport.

CUSTOMERS : Mango Fashion enjoys rich customer base across the world. Most of our customers are from Spain, France, Germany, Italy, UK, USA, Japan. The repeat orders that we get from most of our customers is a proof for quality of the product delivered by Mango Fashion.

Thus, we become partners of our customers and the partnership brings both our customers and Mango Fashion mutually beneficial long relationship.

We will be pleased to quote for any garments that you specifically require. Also wherever required we can make the necessary samples.


* To be ethical in all our responsibilities.
* To be produce tomorrow's garments with leading technology & innovations.
* To be more competitive and flexible to sustain in the global competition.
* To balance the needs of man and environment.

CONCLUSION : Having the experience and unique strengths catering to niche markets Mango Fashion is able to deliver high quality garments to the fullest satisfaction of our customers. Commitment to our customers is our motto and we do this by addressing their unique needs.